Sheetmetal Services, Prime-Mechanical, Commercial HVAC, SanJose, HVAC sheetmetal components, structural steel, welded frames and supports, and various welded piping systems is what we typically build. Prime Mechanical can build almost anything that can be sketched, engineered, or drawn.  Many items fabricated in our shop are either prototype or small count items and / or are parts out customers need “tomorrow” or on a quick turnaround basis.

Some examples of our capabilities include:

  • HVAC duct and fitting sheet metal
  • Stainless steel exhaust ductwork
  • U.L. rated control panels
  • Welded pump frame assemblies
  • Structural welding for special applications
  • Pipe welding (HVAC and process)
  • Plasma cutting operations
  • Pre-fabricated skids and assemblies (HVAC, plumbing, and process piping)

“Founded in 1988 in San Jose, California, Prime Mechanical Service Inc. has provided The Silicon Valley and other important technology communities with the highest level of products and services for nearly three decades. Serving San Jose and surrounding areas for over 27 years with fast, honest and friendly service. Fully Bonded, Licensed and Insured.

We are in business for the purpose of providing a high quality service to the industrial and commercial community. It is our intention to be fair and ethical in our treatment of customers, employees, and vendors.

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