Prime Mechanical Service
Values & Objectives

From the company’s inception, we, as members of the Prime Mechanical Service organization, have aspired to run our company in ways reflective of our inner characters and codes of ethics. We recognize that Prime Mechanical is a composite of our individual contributions and that, collectively, we represent the heart and soul of the organization.

Over the years, our objectives as a company have changed in response to a dynamic environment. We expect our values, however, to remain constant, and we are dedicated to upholding our company’s uncompromising standards of quality, honesty, and integrity.

The corporation is a fictitious entity and is not an end in itself. The purpose of the corporation is to serve the interest of its members and stakeholders.


We trust and respect individuals. Prime Mechanical Service intends to provide an environment in which members can move toward the accomplishment of their human goals. It is our belief that people want to do a good job. They must, however, be given the necessary tools, support and training. We seek to attract highly capable, innovative people who share the values upon which Prime Mechanical is built. The members will share in the success of the corporation and their efforts and contributions will be recognized.

We achieve our personal and common goals through responsible membership in the Prime Mechanical community. Members are expected to participate in those decisions affecting the accomplishment of the results they have contracted to produce. The attributes of personal autonomy, non-manipulative treatment of individuals, a respect for the established rights of others and the ability to cooperate effectively are actively nurtured and supported. We endeavor to create a work environment that encourages diversity of people and ideas. We recognize and value individual work styles and characteristically focus on achievement of the end objective, rather than on the means by which it is pursued. Individual members are expected to accept responsibility for upgrading and continuously developing their technical and professional skills.

We strive for a high level of achievement, contribution, and quality. Our customers expect Prime Mechanical’s products and services to be of high quality and to represent good value. The principal responsibility of each of our members is to satisfy our customers’ needs. Everyone must demonstrate a commitment to meeting the changing needs of the customer. For this reason, the prevailing atmosphere at Prime Mechanical must be one which encourages inquiry, investigation, and innovation in our techniques and management practices.

We conduct business with uncompromising integrity. Prime Mechanical members are expected to deal with others openly and honestly, building loyal and trusting relationships with coworkers, vendors, customers, and union and community representatives. Individuals at all levels of the organization must comply with the highest standard of ethics in every situation.



Mission Statement

“We are in business for the purpose of providing a high quality service to the industrial and commercial community. It is our intention to be fair and ethical in our treatment of customers, employees, and vendors.”

“We intend to make a fair profit by providing mechanical contracting services to our customers, honestly sharing their concern for quality, dependability and value.”

“We will create a positive, stimulating, secure work environment emphasizing personal growth and opportunity through utilization of the diversified talents of our employees. All employees will share in the success of the company.”


Corporate Creed

We believe that, above all, people count. We must create an environment which stresses respect for the individual and promotes trust, honesty, & genuine caring for one another, our customers & our vendors.

We believe that our success is dependent upon doing business fairly, honestly, and ethically. We must always strive to be professional, reliable and responsible.

We believe our success will best be ensured by preserving the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit upon which this company was created. We must be a leader and a standard-setter in the industry.

We believe attitudes are contagious. We must have a winning attitude which is positive, goal oriented, result oriented and team oriented.

We believe that in order for our company to continue and flourish we must operate profitably. Our financial stability demands that we maintain high levels of productivity and efficiency. Our internal operations must be well-organized, our personnel must be well trained and we must be open to the changing definition of excellence in management.