LEED® Design

Prime Mechanical HVAC LEED® Design San JoseLEED® Design (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) accreditation is administered by the United States Green Building Counsel with the intention of promoting more energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings. The rating system uses a point structure in which designing certain efficiency elements into a building awards the project with “points” towards accreditation. There are four levels of distinction that a building can, if it garners adequate numbers of points, qualify for: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum (with Platinum being the highest level).

Prime Mechanical has been designing energy efficient systems since our inception, so we are no stranger to the various elements required for LEED® building certification: from using energy efficient equipment to designing control systems that take advantage of all potential avenues for savings. With LEED® Accredited Professionals on staff, Prime Mechanical has both the experience and ingenuity in staff to help you achieve your desired level of accreditation, handling all aspects of the mechanical portion of your LEED® needs from concept to creation. We don’t wait around and hope you get enough points to qualify: we make suggestions as to the most cost effective methods to target points that will be long term energy / environmental savers.

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